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America's Hunting Crossbow: CAMX

LO READY™ Single Point
Crossbow Sling

Until you have spent a full season crossbow hunting, using “Grandpa’s rifle sling”, you cannot appreciate the challenges that present themselves while hunting and carrying a crossbow.

To begin with, crossbows balance differently than rifles. With a standard sling, the bow slips from your shoulder and catches brush requiring at least one hand to hold the bow in place and stop it from hitting you in the back of the head.

When on stand, experienced crossbowmen are forced to remove the sling entirely to eliminate the unwanted movement and noise of a sling swinging around. As you can begin to see, crossbows are ergonomic pains in the ass to a hunter. That is, until now!

The “Lo Ready” is the first and only sling system that addresses these challenges and more. Ambidextrous in design, the “Lo Ready” utilizes an exclusive single point attachment and button which permits instant conversion from hands free front position for hunting to over the shoulder position for hiking or climbing with ease making both hands available for hauling gear and game.

When on stand, the “Lo Ready” positions your bow silently to the front, ready for action, with no unwanted movement. Your hands are free to glass, call or rattle. No more shot opportunities lost reaching for your hanging crossbow.

One look is all it takes to see why the “Lo Ready” is the only sling to make the grade as part of the CAMX “Peak Performance System.”